petitions to put greater Idaho on the ballot

Help us get county ballot initiatives on the ballot in Oregon! You don’t have to be an Oregonian to do it. Visit the counties shown in green (in the map below) to collect signatures in person.  Or if you are registered to vote in a green county, get a petition and sign it.  Then get others to sign it too.

The county is required to put it on the ballot if we submit enough valid signatures.

It’s easy to collect signatures. Everything you need to know is in the petition pdf below.  Stand in a place with a lot of foot traffic, such as at a post office, and ask people “Do you think the governor is doing a perfect job?”  If they say no, ask them if they would like to sign a petition to fix that.  Tell them why you like the idea (you can use the points on our homepage).  You can answer their questions using our FAQ (frequently asked questions).

To get any of the petitions now circulating, one option is to download a petition pdf file below and print two-sided (turn the page over).  Another option is to pick up a petition at one of the businesses listed here. To have a petition mailed to you, send an email letting us know your postal address and how many sheets you want for which county.  Each sheet can hold 10 signatures. We’re allowed to collect signatures for 24 months. 

Make sure you read the instructions on the first page of the petition.

If you have signed a greater Idaho / Move Oregon’s Border petition before, do not sign again, unless you are a Wallowa County resident. Our petitions began circulating at various dates as early as March 2020, and as late as June 2020, and have not been replaced, except in Wallowa County.  State of Jefferson petitions are different, of course.

Click on your county name below to download the petition for your county:  (check back next month for the Umatilla County petition)

Krystin Case's team put greater Idaho on the ballot in Jefferson County