Citizens for Greater Idaho questions motivations of DC statehood movement

Citizens for Greater Idaho questions motivations of DC statehood movement:

On February 22, as the movement for statehood for Washington DC faced defeat in the US Senate, Citizens for Greater Idaho reached out to every organization pushing for DC statehood.  We proposed joining forces so that both DC statehood and Jefferson statehood could make it through the Senate, since the two Democrats added to the US Senate would be balanced by two Republicans added to the US Senate. Six months later, none have replied favorably. We believe that this indicates that they know their backers are only interested in adding two Democrats to the US Senate to gain an advantage for the Democrat Party.  One of the smaller groups attacked us on Twitter, indicating that they are more interested in conquest than a win-win solution. The State of Jefferson movement includes eastern and southern Oregon, as well as northeastern California.

We believe the failure of Democrats to consider such a compromise means that the best hope for southern and eastern Oregon is not statehood, but joining Idaho. For this reason, we continue to advocate for moving the Oregon/Idaho border, which would not affect the US Senate at all,” said Citizens for Greater Idaho in a press release posted to their website.

Click here for maps of a greater Idaho.

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