Crook County Closer to Vote on Greater Idaho issue

The Greater Idaho movement has been attempting to get a measure on the ballot in Crook County for over 2 years, but numerous roadblocks have prevented that so far.  But on Thursday, Crook County Judge Seth Crawford pledged to work with the movement to present a ballot question to Crook County voters, at a meeting of the Crook County chapter of the Greater Idaho movement.

The goal of the movement is to relocate the Idaho/Oregon state line to include eastern Oregon into Idaho.

Over 70 people were in attendance.  The standing-room-only crowd filled the church, Prineville’s River of Life for All Nations. Residents asked questions for over an hour about the movement in general, and why Crook County residents have not yet had an opportunity to vote on the idea.  

To date, eleven eastern Oregon counties have passed Greater Idaho measures, with a twelfth set to vote this May.  Every county that borders Crook County, except Deschutes County, has already approved Greater Idaho ballot measures. Deschutes County would be split between Oregon and Idaho according to movement leaders’ proposed map.

“Our movement is focused on achieving self-determination – getting people matched up to government that they want,” stated the group’s spokesperson Matt McCaw.  “The Idaho House has approved a bill that would authorize Idaho to begin discussions with Oregon. Now it’s time for the people of Crook County to get the chance to have their voice heard.”

The group is asking the Crook County Court to place a non-binding advisory question on the Crook County ballot asking voters directly whether they want their elected leaders to pursue moving the state line.  Advisory questions regarding the movement were placed before voters in Wheeler and Josephine counties last year.  

UPDATE: you can watch the video of the meeting.

Pictured: Greater Idaho supporters hold a banner in Fruitland, Idaho Sunday near the Oregon state line.

Greater Idaho supporters hold a banner in Fruitland, Idaho Sunday near the Oregon state line.
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