Crook County commissioners promise to let voters vote on Greater Idaho

On August 4, the governing body of Crook County Oregon, the Crook County Court, considered letting Crook County voters vote on the issue of Greater Idaho at the November 2021 special election. There was standing room only in the County Annex, which holds 50 people, and some were forced to wait outside.  Judge Seth Crawford, with Commissioner Jerry Brummer nodding in emphatic approval, vowed to place a question regarding Greater Idaho on the ballot if the Attorney General of Oregon re-issues an opinion stating that, pursuant to state law ORS 203.035, Oregon counties have the authority to place non-binding advisory questions on a ballot. 

At least six Oregon counties and cities have placed advisory questions on ballots since 2018, according to a press release at, but only one was regarding the Greater Idaho concept.  The group’s press release says “waiting for the re-issue of a standing opinion is totally unnecessary but we thank the Court for their promise.”

Currently, Citizens for Greater Idaho is requesting county and city governments place advisory questions on the ballot in: Coos County, Crook County, Wheeler County, Gilliam County, Wallowa County, and the cities of La Pine, Redmond, Maupin, Rogue River, Gold Hill, Central Point, Eagle Point, and Shady Cove.

Jerry Jackman of the Crook County chapter of Citizens for Greater Idaho wrote, “We believe strongly in the right of the people of Crook County to voice their opinion on moving Oregon’s border, at the ballot box, and will continue to pursue getting an advisory question on the ballot.”

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