Facebook permanently disabled Move Oregon’s Border’s page and groups

Facebook permanently disabled Move Oregon’s Border’s page and groups on January 5.

However, Move Oregon’s Border has around 4000 email addresses of supporters. This is not as many as the 8k who followed our Facebook page or the 12k who were members of our Facebook group, but we have funding to do some advertising for the May 2021 election. If you would like to fight back against Facebook, you can donate to Move Oregon’s Border to help us regain strength.

You can follow our MeWe page and our MeWe group. Gab is overwhelmed with new members at the moment, but please follow us on Gab too because they have their own servers, so they can’t be shut down like Parler was. We will also be posting on Parler when Parler restarts. We occasionally post on smaller social media sites too. Twitter hasn’t booted us yet.

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Facebook permanently disabled the Facebook “profile” (account) of the president of Move Oregon’s Border, Mike McCarter. Another admin’s account was permanently disabled and one administrator’s account got a 30-day ban. We don’t know why because Facebook won’t show us the six posts it claims violated their standards.

We will have good news on our signature collection campaigns soon, but we still need your help!

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