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Share our posts so that we can win elections and influence legislators. Get our new posts on the social media listed here.  Our classic memes are here.  Share a link to our website Mention moving the border in your conversations. Help us campaign for the next election!

DONATE to help us WIN

Donations help us win through campaign advertising, lawn signs, banners, contributions to candidates, and lobbying.

Wear the message, and place brochures and banners

You can get merchandise in return for donations! Wear the merchandise to spread the message!

You can purchase brochures, visit shops, and ask their permission to place a stack of brochures in a shop.  Or you can download our brochure and print it yourself.  If you spend money in a county that has an active campaign, please report it to us promptly to comply with Oregon campaign finance law.

You can purchase a 3’x6′ banner and place it where it’s visible to drivers.

Contact state legislators

Idahoans, your state senator and state rep (not US senator or US rep) are obligated to make time for meeting with you if your schedule is flexible.  Ask for a meeting, tell them why you support moving the border, and ask them if they will co-sponsor legislation on the issue with Rep. Barbara Ehardt and Rep. Judy Boyle.  If you want to contact the whole state, their contact info is here for senators and here for representatives.

In Oregon, we need to build a coalition of state legislators (not US Congressmen) on BOTH sides of the future border, including state leadership, to make a greater Idaho a reality.  We hope that Democrats in northwestern Oregon will be happy to say goodbye to “low-income, Trump-voting counties.” Read this op-ed for reasons why. Ask your legislator to encourage Democrats who represent northwestern Oregon to do this. Find your legislator’s contact info here. Ask for a meeting with them, tell them why you support moving the border, and ask them if they will co-sponsor legislation on the issue, then report back to us. If you want to contact the whole state, their contact info is here for senators and here for representatives

Washington state legislators are here.

Fundraising Networking

Do you know a business owner or multi-millionaire? Do you have connections with corporations that would benefit from the relocation of the Oregon/Idaho border?  This is currently our biggest need, for our future success.

We’d like to connect with eastern & southern Oregon businesses who understand that Idaho’s business climate would be better for them.  For example: the timber, mining, and ag industry. We’d like to connect with Coos Bay boosters. And with the Alberta, Canada oil & gas industry (we think Idaho would approve export of their oil & gas from Coos Bay).

Ask your contacts to find the ones who’d be willing to receive a call from us, about the possibility of partnering with us financially. Once you have their permission,contact us to give us their phone number.

Send a Letter to the Editor

Write a letter to the editors of as many newspapers as you can find. These can reach many people. Then post it on social media.  Follow this link for ideas and suggestions.

Understand our Strategy

Here’s a quick overview of the steps we need to take

Sign the Petition, Get signatures

If you are near a county that is colored green in the map below, help us get county ballot initiatives on the ballot!    Sign a petition and help us collect signatures here.

Provide a signing location

If you are in a county that is colored green in the map below, then find an office or business location that would be willing to be a location where people can pick up and drop off our petitions. If you find one, email us and we will send you some petitions to give to them.  Here’s what a signing location needs to know

Contact your County

Oregonians: contact your county commissioners if you live in an orange county on the map below. But if you live in La Pine, Redmond, Maupin, Rogue River, Gold Hill, Central Point, Eagle Point, or Shady Cove, contact your city council. Ask them to put an advisory question on the county (or city) ballot to give voters a voice on whether the border should be moved.  For more on this, click here.

Become a Volunteer

Do you have several hours a week to help this movement in other ways? Check back here soon because we’ll make a questionnaire so that we know who is available to help in specific ways.  Or just contact us with your ideas of how you can help.  We don’t know you so we don’t know what you’re good at.

If you decide to do something, let us know.  Maybe we can provide some resources or invite our other volunteers to join you.