Greater Idaho Merchandise

Tee Shirt – $20 sizes: M, L, XL, XXL 

Hat – $20

Round sticker $5

Bumper sticker $5

3 foot by 6 foot vinyl banners – $40

Stacks of brochures that explain why rural Oregon would be better off in Idaho. – price is negotiable

You can pay by credit card or check. Prices include shipping in the US.

  • To pay by credit card, order online.  Donate the price of the items you want in our donorbox page. Tell us what to send you, and give us your tee shirt size, by typing the information into the box for comments in the online donation page.  Start by clicking here, then choose to give online, then click on “Write us a comment” on the first page.
  • To pay by check, send a order and a check to Citizens for Greater Idaho, P.O. Box 1073, La Pine, OR 97739

If you would like a petition with your order, tell us how many sheets you will use, and which counties you want them for.  Each sheet has room for 10 signatures.  Or you can download and print a petition, or find a signing location here.