Ignorant professor tries the “white supremacist” smear on Greater Idaho

Glad to have The Atlantic writing about us, but disturbed that they chose to smear us with an ignorant professor’s slander.

Sooner or later anyone who upsets a leftist will be called a racist.  The good news is that most people see these accusations for what they are: An inability to engage the debate with a winning argument. Moving the border is a great idea that’s gaining momentum and making real progress towards change, and that’s why the baseless smears and attacks are popping up.

Here’s our open letter to the author:

You quoted Prof. Steven Beda saying “It’s difficult to disentangle the nonthreatening parts of this group from the threatening white-supremacist aspects, because the region gained a reputation as a safe home for these ideas.”

But we don’t have any white-supremacist aspects, so Steven Beda must have been thinking of the Aryan Nation that moved to northern Idaho decades ago and then disbanded. That’s not us, so that’s an error. I honestly don’t know what the hell he’s talking about, unless he thinks that imagining something racial will help him get quoted. I guess he was afraid that admitting his inability to answer your question, which was fishing for a racial angle, would prevent him from getting quoted.

I think you should mention that Harney County voted 63% in favor of our ballot measure, and neighboring Lake County voted 74% in favor, because your article spends a lot of time quoting critics, making it seem unpopular in Harney County.

White supremacism is the belief that whites should rule or are better, right? So how would moving a border make supremacists happier? Oregon and Idaho are both very white, and it seems that both will continue to be governed by white officials for the foreseeable future. All of the candidates for governor are white in both states, and always have been. There is nothing racial about moving the Oregon/Idaho border.

Real white separatists move out to get away from nonwhites in their area. We are doing the opposite. I mean there are significant racial minorities in some of our areas. We don’t want to move away from them. We want to extend red-state governance over the area where we live. No one has ever cited something racial about our movement. They just make assertions hoping that we won’t call their bluff.

Steven Beda, judging from your quote of him, finds us disgusting because of his politics, or perhaps because we still love God and Christian morality and working the land and he doesn’t. So he tries to find a word to smear us with and comes up with “white supremacist aspects”. This is a way to end conversation by telling people they should ignore us because we’re not morally fit to be listened to. Now people will quote your article to “prove” that we’re a racial group because people regard The Atlantic as an authority. Your article is character assassination.

It’s a way for upper class people of privilege to lock us out of power and prevent us from threatening their status by reminding others that we’re dirty dangerous lower class people. The reality is that upper class liberals are more racist than us because we love all people because God loves us and we know God loves them.


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