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Don’t dismiss the Greater Idaho movement


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Unpublished op-ed for Douglas County, Oregon. October 2020

A response from Move Oregon’s Border to the column by Robert Heilman entitled “Greater Idaho, the Freedom Rally, and recalling Kate Brown” (Sep 2, 2020). nrtoday.com

Our proposal is to move the Oregon/Idaho border to make eastern and southern Oregon a part of Idaho.  This makes much more sense than suggestions from letters to The News-Review (Sep 8, Oct 9) that every conservative leave Oregon.

Douglas County gave 2.7 votes to Knute Buehler for every one vote the county gave to Kate Brown, yet who was elected in 2018?  A leftist, as in every other Oregon gubernatorial election for the last 38 years. 

Northwestern Oregon has 79% of Oregon’s population. Their state legislators ignore ours because their majority doesn’t need the votes of our state legislators to pass laws, and their state legislators are of a different party.

Voting patterns prove that Southern Oregon does not belong with them. On social issues, most of the people of our counties welcome the traditional values of Idaho law, not Oregon law. Idaho enforces the law against arsonists and rioters. Idaho respects the right to self defense with firearms. Idaho allows the timber industry to keep forests from becoming tinder boxes.

These counties’ economies would be better under Idaho law, which has fewer pages of regulations than any other state.  Idaho regulations respect the value of rural industries and livelihoods. What regulations is Idaho missing?  Many; for example, motorcycle helmet laws, straw laws, plastic bag laws, predator control prohibitions, carbon tax, and land use (DLCD). Idaho state government is more respectful of personal freedom in the age of COVID-19. 

Idaho is the state with the 8th smallest tax burden, and Oregon ranks 33rd, according to https://taxfoundation.org/facts-and-figures-2020  .  Plus, cost of living is higher in Oregon than Idaho. 

Oregon law allows 24 months to collect signatures for a ballot initiative. In Douglas County, we collected enough signatures in only 6 months despite a pandemic. We were 30 signatures short on the deadline for this election, but now that we have those signatures, we can put our proposed ordinance on the ballot in a future election.

We put time into this movement because we believe it can happen, just as in 1958 the Oregon/Washington border relocation happened. Our proposal at greateridaho.org explains why Salem should be motivated to part with our counties for financial and political reasons.

Our conclusion is that we should vote to encourage our county commissioners to begin looking into the possibility of moving the border.  We are free-born American citizens.  We don’t have to live under the tyranny of Salem’s misgovernment. 

Move Oregon’s Border

The letter to the editor that started our movement in 2015: