Our Strategy

Phase 1: Oregon/Idaho

Step 1: Rural Oregonians collect signatures to get greater idaho on their county ballot, or convince county commissioners to put a question on the ballot.

Step 2: rural Oregon counties vote (non-binding)

Step 3: Government of Idaho does analysis and holds hearings.

Step 4: Citizens convince the state legislatures to make a compact with the other state and pass it

Step 5: hopefully the compact includes a plebiscite for rural Oregon to approve or disapprove the final compact.

Step 6: Congress approves

Before we can add California counties to Idaho, we need to complete
phase 1: moving the Oregon/Idaho border.

To move the Oregon/Idaho border, we need to convince 3 groups.  Each group gets its own campaign: rural Oregonians, Idahoans, and Oregon state legislators.  Most of our current effort goes to the campaign to convince rural Oregonians (any voter in eastern or southern Oregon) to vote yes on moving the border.   In November 2020, we hadn’t yet unified rural Oregonians behind the idea.  Some had never heard of us, others still don’t understand that Republicans won’t win statewide elections anymore, and some were still holding out for the Oregon Legislature to let us have our own state and 2 Republican US senators.  Consequently, we didn’t do as well in that election as we will in May 2021.  The election results in the four counties that voted were: 52%, 51%, 49.5%, and 43% in favor.  In order for our movement to make progress in either state’s legislature, we need another election with more convincing

The Washington State counties that Idaho would accept (Columbia, Garfield, and Asotin) don’t have many people, so it will be hard to get the Washington State Legislature’s attention until we have success in Oregon.