Our Strategy

To move the Oregon/Idaho border, we need to convince 3 groups.  Each group gets its own campaign: rural Oregonians, Idahoans, and Oregon state legislators. 

Phase 1: Oregon/Idaho

Step 1: Rural Oregonians collect signatures to get greater idaho on their county ballot, or convince county commissioners to put a question on the ballot.

Step 2: Oregon counties vote (non-binding) to prove to state legislators that eastern Oregon wants to join Idaho.

9 counties have voted in favor so far, and more will vote soon.

Step 3: Idaho Legislature holds hearings.

            Our first hearing was April 12, 2021.

Step 4: Oregon Legislature holds hearings.

Step 5: Oregon and Idaho Legislatures invite each other to consider the issue by passing a “memorial” or resolution

Step 6: Oregon & Idaho leaders negotiate.

Step 7: State legislatures ratify an interstate compact that sets the terms of the border relocation, such as which assets and liabilities become Idaho’s.

Step 8: Optionally, the compact authorizes a plebiscite (vote) for eastern Oregon voters as a whole to consent to, or veto, the compact.

Step 9: Congress approves the interstate compact and amends acts of admission of both states.

Before we can add California counties to Idaho, we need to complete phase 1: moving the Oregon/Idaho border.

The Washington State counties that Idaho would accept (Columbia, Garfield, and Asotin) don’t have many people, so it will be hard to get the Washington State Legislature’s attention until we have success in Oregon.