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15 Oregon counties approve “Move Oregon’s Border” petition for circulation County clerks in fifteen Oregon counties, with a combined population of 710,000 residents, have given the go-ahead to a petition to move the Oregon/Idaho border. Signature collection has begun in thirteen, soon to be fifteen. If enough signatures are submitted by August 5, the issue will be on ballots in those counties in November. The movement is not filing a statewide petition in 2020, so only voters of certain counties may sign one of the movement’s petitions.

Mike McCarter, leader of the movement known as Move Oregon’s Border For a Greater Idaho, said “Despite the lockdown, you can still download and print a petition from or pick one up at an essential business that has them.” Politicians who have welcomed the idea of moving the Oregon/Idaho border include Oregon Senate Minority Leader Herman Baertschiger, former Speaker of the Oregon House Mark Simmons, Idaho Governor Brad Little, Idaho Senate Majority Leader Chuck Winder, Idaho Senate State Affairs Chair Patti Ann Lodge, and Idaho House Asst. Majority Leader Jason Monks, among many others. State legislators of both states have agreed to participate in a forum of Oregon and Idaho state legislators to discuss the idea of moving the state line.

Mike McCarter, leader of “Move Oregon’s Border for a greater Idaho,” said, “The governor’s decision to mobilize 50 unarmed National Guard is inadequate to the task. Idaho enforces the rule of law, defends its people, and doesn’t foster a culture of criminality, joblessness and homelessness. The government of Oregon has lost the confidence of the people of rural Oregonian counties. Replacing the governor wouldn’t be enough to fix the problem because we don’t trust northwestern Oregon’s voters. Our counties don’t want to be held captive by a state government that ignores our security, our local economy, our churches’ right to assemble, and even our voter registration. The Idaho Supreme Court would not have invalidated the honorable Baker County Judge Matt Shirtcliff’s injunction.

And it is unacceptable to us that the economic costs of the state government’s choice to lock down our state have hurt the whole state, yet the state government has chosen to direct all of the federal stimulus funds to the Portland area. Idaho’s state legislature has been 80% Republican for the last two decades. Oregon hasn’t elected a Republican for governor in 38 years. We need to move the border. Help us put this on the ballot.” McCarter also said, “Our movement is not dependent on petitions. We are asking the movement in every rural Oregon county to put an equal effort into the parallel strategy of asking their county commissioners to pass a resolution to ‘refer’ an advisory question to the November ballot in their county. If a county court or a county board refers it to the ballot, we don’t have to collect any more signatures, and they get to let their voters decide.

This is the question that they can put on the ballot: ‘Should county commissioners establish a committee to investigate and promote the possibility of making this county a county of Idaho?’” McCarter added, “If you love your county but you are sick of your state government, then help us move the state border. Idaho’s governance fits our needs and our values better.” Mike McCarter, Leader, “Move Oregon’s Border For a Greater Idaho” movement President,

Move Oregon’s Border 501(c)(4), P.O. Box 1294, La Pine, Oregon, 97739 Press: for hi-res images of signatures being collected in Josephine County, the rally in Douglas County, or the maps, email

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Wilbur: Whit-Log Trailers 8127 Old Hwy 99 North, Roseburg M-F: 7:30-5:30 Sat: 8- Noon
Roseburg: The Roseburg Beacon 950 S.E. Washington Avenue (business hours)
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Selma: Selma Hardware Store, 18398 Redwood Hwy, next to Post Office, W-F 8-5:30, Sat/Sun 9-6
Rogue River: TLC Chiropractic, 230 E Main St, M/W/F 9-5; T/Th 9-noon
Central Point: Dardanelles Store, 9625 Old Stage Rd, Gold Hill Mon-Sun 7-6:30
Klamath Falls: Lowell’s Barber Shop, 6750 S 6th St Unit C, T-F 9-5, Sat 9-4
Madras: Central Oregon Heating & Cooling, 1765 S Hwy 97, M-F 8-11, noon-5
Baker City: The Squeaky Stirrup, 2110 Broadway street, T-F 10-5, Sat 10-3
North Powder: Oregon Trail Seeds, 100 D St, M-Thurs 8-4
Union: Sinclair station, 362 N Main St, Union, 7am-8pm
La Grande: Rock & Sons Tire & Auto Repair, 2304 Adams Ave, M-F 8-5, Sat 8-noon
La Grande: Joe Beans Coffee, 1009 Adams Ave, M-F 8-5
La Grande: KIE Supply Corp, 11400 Island Ave, M-F 7-5
Imbler: Oregon Trail Seeds, 110 3rd St, M-F 8-4
Elgin: Elgin Auto Parts, 997 Division, Mon-Sat 8-6,
Wallowa: Goebel’s gas station, 504 1st St, Wallowa, M-Sat 7am-8pm, Sun 8-6
Hermiston: Delish Bistro, 1725 N 1st St, Ste E, Tues-Sat 11am-8pm
If your business or office would like to be announced as a signing location in rural Oregon, where people can pick up and
drop off petitions, contact Move Oregon’s Border.

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