PRESS RELEASE: Signature Gathering Begins in Umatilla and Douglas Counties to Move Oregon’s Border, Rally Scheduled!

A new non-profit called Move Oregon’s Border began collecting signatures on its petition March 3 in Umatilla County and February 28 in Douglas County. The group announced that their Umatilla County petition had been approved for circulation by the County Clerk March 3 and is now available on their website for download and signing, along with the Douglas County petition.

Their petition drive in Douglas county will kick off with a rally at 10 AM on Saturday, March 7 at the Douglas County Fairgrounds in the Community Conference Hall (capacity 900).

State Senate Minority Leader Herman Baertschiger said “Democrats should be paying attention to how unhappy these Oregonians are with the current regime to seek secession from Oregon. I would welcome the idea to serve on the Greater Idaho legislature!” CNN reported. Sen. Baertschiger’s district includes Josephine County, which has also awarded a ballot title to Move Oregon’s Border. The wording of the ballot title was litigated in Josephine County Circuit Court on March 2 and a ruling is pending.

Since it garnered publicity two weeks ago, Move Oregon’s Border’s main Facebook group grew from 2500 members to 7777 members, which is more than half the number that like the Facebook page of the Democratic Party of Oregon. It has 400 members living in Roseburg, where the rally will be held. The group must collect 2955 valid signatures to qualify for the November 3 ballot in Douglas County and 1447 signatures to qualify in Umatilla County.

The main speaker at the rally will be chief petitioner Mike McCarter, the president of Move Oregon’s Border. Free admission and light refreshments will be provided by event sponsor The Roseburg Beacon. The Roseburg Beacon is printed weekly.

Printed copies of the petition will be available at the rally. After the rally, printed petitions wil be available in Roseburg at the offices of The Roseburg Beacon. Petitions can also be turned in there during business hours.

Mike McCarter is commonly asked why he wants to move the border rather than simply moving his family to Idaho. McCarter says he sometimes responds “We’ve invested years into relationships with friends, family, employers, churches, shops, and the land. Our counties vote conservative. In fact they gave two Trump votes per Hillary vote in 2016. It makes more sense for conservative counties to be under Idaho governance than Oregon governance. Do you want all of us unhappy conservatives to build new housing in another state? Moving state borders is cheaper. Thousands of Californians made this state blue, but you want the conservatives whose families founded this state to move out?”

McCarter noted that when all taxes are considered, the overall tax rate in Idaho was lower than in Oregon in 2018, even before the recent Oregon tax increases went into effect.

Mike McCarter,
Chief Petitioner, County Ballot Initiatives
President, Move Oregon’s Border

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If your business would like to be announced as a signing location, where people can pick up and drop off petitions, contact Move Oregon’s Border Thank you for joining our movement Move Oregon’s Border for a Greater Idaho. To get into the news, we need your help. Newspapers need a photo of you in action – a photo of someone out and about with the petition ready to collect signatures for their story. Please get someone to photograph yourself in Umatilla or Douglas County collecting signatures or at least holding the petition standing out in public and send it to us or post it in the comments on our Facebook post. You’ll need to state your permission for them to use your photograph.

If you don’t know any Umatilla or Douglas County voters, please be patient and wait for your own county’s petition to be released. If we have your email address and County name, we will email you when it’s ready. We post a county’s petition to the website as soon as it is approved for circulation.

If you are willing to be one of the 15 people collecting signatures in the building during the rally, email me and show up at 9AM. Can any of you bring an Idaho flag to the rally?

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