Sample Letter for Idaho Legislators


Due to redistricting, your legislators for this legislative session may be different than before. Your legislators are easy to find: contact info here. If you want to contact the whole Legislature, their info is here for senators and here for representatives.

The first step is to email and call your state senator (not US senator) and send him a letter. Make sure your emails and letters explain exactly where you live so that they’ll believe you really vote in their district.

Tell them why you support moving the border, and ask them if they will co-sponsor or at least vote yes on a resolution to invite Idaho to begin talks with Oregon leadership. Then report back to us. Read the sample letter below for suggestions on what to communicate.  If they start to notice the same letter copied repeatedly, it might mean less to them than a short original letter from your heart though.  You don’t have to use it. If you use it, feel free to add to it and subtract.  This sample letter is designed for Republicans. If your legislator is a Democrat, adjust accordingly.

You can ask to meet them, and bring others with you. Your state senator and state rep are almost obligated to make time for meeting with you if your schedule is flexible. This is a great opportunity to answer their questions and educate them more about the movement. Most of them haven’t given it much thought at all.

If you are willing to knock on legislators’ office doors and introduce yourself to legislators from many districts, you can visit the Capitol building during the session beginning January 9 and continuing through February. That’s when the legislators might -might- be in the Capitol Building. Otherwise, they’ll probably be in your district at home, closer to their district.

We have special pages for you if you are in the district of certain members of the Idaho Senate State Affairs Committee: Abby Lee, Treg Bernt, Kelly Anthon, Jim Guthrie, and Mark Harris.

Sample letter for Idaho Legislators

Dear Senator,

Will you cosponsor or at least vote in favor of HJM 1?  It’s an open letter to Oregon to invite them to begin talks with Idaho on the idea of moving the Oregon/Idaho border.

Originally the Greater Idaho movement wanted to add eastern and southwestern Oregon to Idaho, but now the proposal is to start with just eastern Oregon, which would increase the population of Idaho by 21%.

As of November 8, the Greater Idaho movement has won elections in five consecutive election cycles in eastern Oregon. 11 of the 15 counties that could vote on this there have already voted in favor.

I hate to see Oregon deprive eastern Oregon of American rights. Oregon governance conflicts with eastern Oregon’s rural American values.  I read that the parts of Oregon that the Greater Idaho movement proposes to add to Idaho votes more Republican than Idaho does: 75% Republican for the 2022 US House race, when Idaho only voted 67% Republican.

Moving the border would push Oregon’s abortion centers and illegal drug shops 4 hours farther away than they are now.

A Claremont Institute study found that moving the border would be a $170 million net benefit to the state annually.

Trafalgar Group did a poll a year ago that showed that Idahoan voters, and especially Republican primary voters, are strongly in favor of the border shift.

I vote in your district. My name and address is: