The biggest opportunity in the history of Greater Idaho!!!

This May 18 election in 5 counties is the biggest opportunity in the history of our movement to score the huge victory we need! We should be able to afford to mail each voting household a postcard to tell them why they should vote YES to move Oregon’s border. But we can’t afford it without you. Can you pitch in to make this work? Will you be a part of this historic campaign?

The bigger our win on May 18, the more legislatures of both states will know that they need to react. Without this, our movement will be seriously delayed. We need to start printing the postcards right away, so please donate today by credit card or check at 

This is our chance to unite voters into a single voice that says rural Oregon is dissatisfied with Portland leadership!

3 more locations added for Meet & Greets (rallies) : Crook (Redmond), northern Lake County, and Malheur

Check the link later for southern Lake County and Sherman County. Harney, Baker, and Grant are already listed on the list: Get lawn signs, banners, etc. at the event. You will have the opportunity to form teams of volunteers with other supporters in your area to place brochures or lawn signs.

If you didn’t see this whole post in an email to you, then apparently you’re not on our email list. You can fix that here.

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