Why Greater Idaho is the right choice for eastern Oregon

Oregon is ruled by politicians with Portland values.  Their decisions hurt our rural industries like timber, mining, trucking & farming.

Eastern Oregon is in an abusive relationship with Willamette Valley, which has 75% of Oregon’s voters. Their leaders refuse to protect us from rioters, arsonists, criminals, and illegals, but they infringe on your right to defend your family.  The state school curriculum teaches the next generation to hate Americans and Americanism.  Your tax money supports things that violate your conscience. It’s time to move on from this abusive relationship.  

There is a way to get better governance for eastern Oregon, and it’s on your ballot this May. 

State borders can be moved.  It happened in 1958, when the Oregon/ Washington border was moved, and it could happen again if we vote YES.

Which state do you want to govern your county: Oregon or Idaho?

Idaho has a lower overall tax burden, lower cost of living, and lower unemployment.  

Idaho’s government respects American values and American freedoms.

Visit greateridaho.org

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Ranking sources: Tax Burden, Cost of Living, Education, Public Safety, Other rankings: Cato Institute