Our Process for Moving the State Line

February 20, 2024

Step 1: Eastern Oregonians convince county commissioners to put a question on the ballot 

Step 2: Oregon counties vote (non-binding) to prove to state legislators that eastern Oregon wants to join Idaho.

             Twelve counties have voted in favor so far, and Crook County will vote May 2024.

Step 3: Idaho Legislature holds hearings.

             Our first hearing was April 12, 2021, our second was February 13, 2023.

Step 4: Oregon Legislature holds hearings

Step 5: The movement convinces a critical mass of Oregon legislators to support the idea.

Step 6: Optionally, the Oregon and Idaho Legislatures invite each other to consider the issue by passing a “memorial” or resolution

             The Idaho House of Representatives invited Oregon to begin talks February 2023.

Step 7: Oregon & Idaho leaders negotiate.

Step 8: State legislatures ratify an interstate compact that sets the terms of the border relocation, such as which assets and liabilities become Idaho’s.

Step 8a: Optionally, the compact authorizes a plebiscite (vote) for eastern Oregon voters as a whole to consent to, or veto, the compact.

Step 9: Congress approves the interstate compact and amends acts of admission of both states.