Voter's Guide for 2024 Primary

March 26, 2024

We've reached out to candidates across Oregon and Idaho and asked if they support Greater Idaho.  The following candidates have either affirmed they do, or voted for our measures in the legislature.  Be sure to support these candidates for office, and if you don't see your preferred candidate, ask them to reach out to us and let us know they support Greater Idaho!



Sen. District 1

Todd Vaughn


Sen. District 27

Diane Linthicum


Sen. District 30

Robert Neuman

Doug Muck


H. District 3

Dwayne Yunker


H. District 6

Kim Wallan


H District 23

Anna Scharf 


House District 28

Sandra Nelson


H. District 41

Mark Gamba


H District 52

Jeff Helfrich


H. District 55

E Werner Reschke


H District 56 

Emily McIntire


H District 58 

Bobby Levy


H. District 59

Vikki Breese-Iverson

Joseph Goodwin


Idaho House members who voted for HJM 1


Rep. Alfieri

Rep. Allgood

Rep. Andrus

Rep. Barbieri

Rep. Blanksma

Rep. Boyle

Rep. Clow

Rep. Cornilles

Rep. Crane (13)

Rep. Dixon

Rep. Durrant

Rep. Ehardt

Rep. Ehlers

Rep. Erickson

Rep. Gallagher

Rep. Handy

Rep. Hawkins

Rep. Healey

Rep. Hill

Rep. Holtzclaw

Rep. Horman

Rep. Kingsley

Rep. Lambert

Rep. McCann

Rep. Mendive

Rep. Miller

Rep. Mitchell

Rep. Monks

Rep. Moyle

Rep. Palmer

Rep. Pickett

Rep. Price

Rep. Raymond

Rep. Redman

Rep. Scott

Rep. Shepherd

Rep. Skaug

Rep. Tanner

Rep. Vander Woude

Rep. Wisniewski

Rep. Young


Idaho Senators 

District 1

Scott Herndon 


District 2

Phil Hart 


District 4

Ben Toews 


District 6

Dan Foreman


District 8

Christy Zito 


District 10

Tammy Nichols 


District 20

Chuck Winder