Not Happy With Oregon Government?

Should We Move to IDAHO, Or Should We Move IDAHO Governance to Us?

Oregon’s governor and legislature don’t need any Republican votes to rule Oregon. None of the Democrats in the legislature represent a rural area.

This is why Oregon passes laws that kill industries in eastern, central, and southern Oregon. They don’t protect us from rioters, forest arsonists, or school curricula that teach kids to hate Americans and Americanism. And they pass laws that violate our conscience. We can’t let our money support their system anymore. We are outnumbered, we don’t have leverage, and things will continue to get worse.

You love your community.  You’ve invested time in family, friends, and workplace there. Our strategy is a long shot, but together we may be able to save our communities by making them a part of Idaho.  State lines have been moved many times before.

Idaho respects traditional morality and justice, and it doesn’t get in the way of rural livelihoods. It has lower tax rate and a lower cost of living.

Our main document explains the details of our proposal. In our FAQ we explain why ideas like trying “harder” to win elections or trying to convince the legislature to give us our own state are less likely to happen.

We need to unite our neighbors around the idea of moving the border so that we can convince state legislators to stop holding our counties captive in a blue state.  Voters in two counties voted in favor of this idea in November. We expect several to vote in favor in May 2021. But we need your help.

Use the links below to learn more about the movement, then TAKE ACTION to help make it happen.

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We propose adding a group of counties to Idaho that would increase the average income in all three states when the border moves. This is possible because the counties have an average income that is lower than the Oregon and Californian average, but higher than the Idaho average. 2016 presidential election results shown.

Use the green links above to learn more about the movement, then TAKE ACTION to help make it happen.