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This is the site of Citizens for Greater Idaho and Move Oregon’s Border, the organizations that created and serve the “greater Idaho” movement. We promote the idea of creating a greater (bigger & stronger) Idaho so that conservative counties can become a part of a red state. We started from rural Oregon, but our movement now includes progressives and conservatives of northwestern Oregon who welcome a new, smaller Oregon, as well as Idahoans, Californians, and Washingtonians.

We explain why moving the Idaho border is a win-win for each decision-making body on our homepage

We believe we do have a chance to convince Oregon to let these counties go because getting rid of a group of counties that have the same average income as Idaho would be a great boost to the Oregon state budget. State lines have been moved many times before. 

We need to unite our neighbors around the idea of moving the border so that we can convince state legislators to stop holding rural Oregon counties captive in a blue state.  Voters in two counties voted in favor of this idea in November. Five more voted 62% in favor in May 2021. But we need your help.

Use the links below to learn more about the movement, then TAKE ACTION to help make it happen.

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Use the green links above to learn more about the movement, then TAKE ACTION to help make it happen.

We propose adding a group of counties to Idaho that would increase the average income in all three states when the border moves. This is possible because the counties have an average income that is lower than the Oregon and Californian average, but higher than the Idaho average. 2016 presidential election results shown.