Donations help us win elections through advertising, lawn signs, banners, etc.

You can give online to Citizens for Greater Idaho by clicking here.

Or you can send a check to:
   Citizens for Greater Idaho
   PO Box 1073
   La Pine, OR 97739


We need funds to increase the chances of getting approval from the Oregon Legislature to move the Oregon/Idaho border. We will use your donations to pay for YouTube ads in the districts of the most important legislators, such as the Speaker of the House. The ads will explain the benefits to western Oregon of moving the border and ask viewers to contact their legislator. Can you pitch in to help us win?

We also have an upcoming election in Wallowa County, and we want to mail each household two postcards to tell them why they should vote Yes.

If you live in Umatilla County and have a special interest in funding a campaign to put Greater Idaho on your county ballot and then get a Yes vote, contact us. Warning: campaigns in counties this size are not cheap.

We can accept funds or stock from in or out-of-state, from corporations, and from overseas, because we do not engage in federal elections. There is no cap on the amount you are allowed to give. Business owners are welcome to give directly from their corporation rather than from their pocket.

Oregonians: You could get the first $50 of donations to Move Oregon’s Border (not Citizens for Greater Idaho) returned to you as a credit on your Oregon tax return. When filing jointly, each spouse can get a credit of $50. Move Oregon’s Border is a PAC as defined by Oregon law, with EIN 84-4255806. The only downside to giving to an Oregon PAC is that the state will put your personal information on a public website if your gift is $100 or more.  Move Oregon’s Border is required to report any info we have on the donation amount, date, name, postal address, occupation, and employer name, and we are required to ask for this information (although you’re only required to tell us your name and address). If you want to give to Move Oregon’s Border online, click here.  To send a check, write it to Move Oregon’s Border with the address above. 

We don’t report on gifts to Citizens for Greater Idaho because it’s not a PAC. To give to Citizens for Greater Idaho, use the information at the top of this page. It’s a different link than the Move Oregon’s Border link.

Donations are not tax deductible on a federal tax return. But you probably don’t itemize your income taxes anymore anyway, since the standard deduction was increased so much in 2017.  All of our organizations are 501c4, not c3, so that we may engage in politics.  They are “non-profit” but not “charities.”

Thank you for your support & help!