How to create a new signing location

Find an office or business location in your county that would be willing to be a location where people can pick up and drop off our petitions. If you find one, email us and we will send you some petitions to give to them.  Here’s what a signing location needs to know

You can choose to do any or ALL of these three things for us:

1)      Let people pick up petitions at your location

2)      Let people drop off petitions at your location

3)      Let people sign in your location

Number 3 is not required, but it’s really helpful.  But it requires understanding the law. Anyone who witnesses all the signatures being signed on a sheet may legally sign the bottom of the sheet as the “circulator,” but only if he is considered an “unpaid circulator.” By the current interpretation of the law, salaried or wage-earning employees can not collect signatures while they are on the clock because our petition campaign is only for “unpaid” petition circulator. A business owner is considered unpaid if he only collects profits, not a salary. You can let employees sign as the petition circulator (signature witness) at the bottom of the sheet, but not if they are salaried or earning a wage and on the clock.

If you don’t have any unpaid people around at the time, then when a customer wants to sign, then that customer will have to be his own petition collector and sign the top and bottom of the sheet himself.  Then when he’s done witnessing his own signature (and anyone else’s), and leaves, then put that sheet away so that someone else doesn’t come in and add his signature there.  Our hope is that most customers will choose to take a petition with them so that they can collect signatures from their friends and family.

People need to pick up all four pages if they are taking the petition out of the store so that they have the info they need to show others.  I guess the instruction sheet is optional if they’ve already read it though.

Make sure the completed petitions are not easily found in case someone comes in to spoil them or steal them.

We recommend you have a flyer or sign somewhere so people will notice the petitions. The flyer can say “Greater Idaho petition available here”.  You can download one using the green button below.

If you decide to become a location, contact us so that we can collect the petitions when they’re needed.  Let us know if we may list your location in our list of signing locations.

For customers who have questions, you might want to print out some of our info or direct them to our website. Here’s our FAQ and a comparison of Oregon and Idaho.