Model letter for southwestern Oregonians who want to write to their state legislator

If you live in southwestern Oregon, what can you do to keep hope for Greater Idaho alive?

Try writing to your state legislator like this:

Dear state legislator,

I’m very disappointed that the people who chose to vote on Greater Idaho measures in Douglas County and Josephine County were evenly split.  I believe that when voters learn more, and see the state legislatures taking it seriously, then more will be in favor of it.

While I wait and work for that to happen, I am writing to ask you to keep the Greater Idaho movement alive by making sure it gets hearings in Salem in the Senate and the House this year. Will you cosponsor SJM 2, the memorial to invite Idaho to discuss with Oregon about moving the Idaho/Oregon state line?

If negotiations start, I strongly believe that you should advocate for southwestern Oregon to be included into Idaho.  But even if it isn’t included, I think getting the process rolling for eastern Oregon will give southwestern a chance to be included later. 

I am a voter in your district. My name and address is:

State legislators are the senator and representative who represent you in Salem (not DC).  You can find their contact info here:

If you live in an area where your state legislator will be replaced by whomever won the primary election last week, then contact them too. Their names are here:

Let us know their reaction by contacting us.

The first step is to email and call them or send them a letter. You can ask to meet them, and bring others with you.  If they agree to a meeting, invite us too.

You can invite people to attend a monthly meeting Greater Idaho meeting. If you get more than a dozen people per event, you can invite your state legislators to attend and we can list the event on our website’s events page.